Hey Nibiru, Three strikes and You’re OUT!!!

In this blog I have tried to avoid even mentioning pseudo-science. Whether it be UFOs or Bigfoot or ESP there’s just no arguing with ‘True Believers’. No matter how many times they fail miserably to provide any hard evidence the ‘True Believers’ still refuse to even admit to the possibility that they could be wrong. In fact they will often get angry with you for saying ‘show me’.

Today however I’m going to make an exception and talk a little bit about Nibiru, or planet X because in just the last two months there have been THREE (!) different precise dates on which Nibiru was supposed to have destroyed us all, but we’re still here. Three complete, total failures in just two months. The image below shows an artists idea of Nibiru, which is supposed to be four times as massive as Earth, causing cataclysms here on our planet.

Nibiru Destruction (Credit: Shutterstock)

You’d think that level of failure would be sufficient to make all ‘True Believers’ completely ashamed of themselves. However I’m certain that a new ‘corrected’ date of destruction will soon be announced and accepted by the faithful. After all, the only other choice they have is to accept the fact that they’ve been a fool.

Actually the idea of Nibiru causing the apocalypse has been around for quite a while now. It was back in 1995 that Nancy Lieder claimed that she was receiving signals through an implant in her brain from aliens in the Zeta Reticuli star system. According to the Zetas a planet from the outer reaches of our solar system was going to sweep past the Earth causing all kinds of destruction by it’s gravitational and magnetic fields, this event was scheduled to take place in May of 2003. (The Zetas are Grey Aliens by the way, how many different kinds of aliens are visiting Earth I don’t know.)

The visiting planet gained the name Nibiru when Ms. Lieder read a book by a researcher on ancient alien visitations named Zecharia Sitchin. According to Mr. Sitchin, Nibiru is the name given by the Babylonians to a planet that sweeps past the Earth every 3,600 years and the inhabitants of Nibiru became the gods of Mesopotamia, chariots of the gods you remember! (By the way accredited scholars of Mesopotamia have no regard for Mr. Sitchin’s interpretation of the Babylonian records.) The image below shows Mr. Sitchin with a Babylonian tablet he claims mentions Nibiru.

Zecharia Sitchin with Babylonian Tablet (Credit: Crystalinks)

Sounds like Mr. Sitchin and Ms. Lieder are coming to the same conclusion from different paths doesn’t it? Well no, Lieder and Sitchin soon disagreed about when the planet would return, Lieder was already on record as saying 2003 while Sitchin said somewhere between 2090 and 2370!

Anyway I trust that you are all aware the Nibiru did not pass by Earth in 2003 but that didn’t stop the ‘True Believers’. They just picked a new date and Nibiru soon became the engine of destruction for the Mayan Apocalypse of December 21, 2012, which also didn’t happen.

But just because a planet doesn’t exist won’t stop people from making it a part of their attempts to gain attention, fame and money. Earlier this year a ‘Christian numerologist’ named David Meade tied together passages from the bible with Nibiru along with the American total solar eclipse back on August 21st to again predict Earthly destruction beginning on September the 23rd. When Nibiru failed to show up on time the date was immediately pushed back to mid October and then the 19th of November. Well it’s now 22November and no Nibiru! Let’s just hope the doomsday ‘theorists’ will at least wait a while before threatening us again with a non-existent planet.

I hope you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned any of the evidence against the existence of Nibiru. All I’ve said so far is that Nibiru never shows up when it’s predicted to destroy us. Still it’s easy to demonstrate that Nibiru is nothing more than a fantasy. First of all, if a planet four times the size of Earth came closer than the orbit of Saturn it would be quickly discovered by not only professional astronomers but by the thousands of amateur astronomers out there who are hoping to discover a comet or an asteroid. Anything as big as a planet wouldn’t be able to hide for a week!

Also, as astronomer Mike Brown has pointed out, any planet that moved back and forth between the outer and inner planets would sooner or later, within a few million years, have an encounter with Jupiter and be thrown out of the solar system. Finally, our solar system is a well-mannered, orderly place, so much so that it has often been compared to a clock; it wouldn’t be so orderly if there was anything Nibiru wandering around. The image below illustrates Nibiru’s orbit showing how Planet X goes right past the largest planets in the solar system.


Nibiru Orbit (Credit: Crystalinks)

Now I know that the people out there who are trying to sell books despite the fact that they don’t know anything will soon come up with some new fantasy. Still, hopefully by now Nibiru and its ‘supporters’ have been revealed as the delusions they always were.